Our Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Transportation is a vital part of every community. Whether you’re elderly, disabled or unable to drive, those who live in areas without transit and are unable to access due to medical issues all may have need for healthcare but face transportation barriers making it extremely difficult.
Mona’s Transportation of South Florida, Inc. provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for those who require ambulatory and wheelchair transportation services. Our commitment of courteous, prompt and reliable service is demonstrated by our team of professional and well-trained drivers, clean vehicles and ability to communicate effectively with nursing facilities, hospitals, dialysis facilities, clinics; etc.

Delivery Services

Whether you’re in need of grocery pick up and drop off, prescriptions or other life essential items, Mona’s Transportation of South Florida, Inc. can provide contactless delivery right to your front door. Our company uses insulated packaging and materials such as dry ice or frozen gel packs to keep perishable foods fresh while in transit. All drivers are trained in the safe handling of items and we work around your schedule to ensure deliveries are provided at a convenient time and in a secure location.

Airport/Cruise Transportation

If you’re looking for reliable transportation to and from the air/seaport, give Mona’s Transportation of South Florida, Inc. a call. We provide service 7 days a week to all major airports and seaports.
Mona’s Transportation of South Florida does not discriminate and operates all its services without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or family status. All subcontractors are expected to adopt similar practices.

Coronavirus Update In lieu of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), CDC recommends that people wear masks when using transportation.  All passengers are requested to wear face coverings when using Mona’s Transportation. Drivers have been thoroughly trained on safe operating procedures such as: how to properly wear face masks, proper sanitation and cleaning of vehicles.